Casio G-9000 G-Shock Mudman Watch
Casio G-9000 Mudman G-Shock Watch
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Timex Tw2P85800 Weekender Oversized Vintage-Style Watch
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Casio SGW-100-2BCF Negative Display Compass Watch
Casio SGW-100-2BCF Negative Display Compass Watch
Casio SGW-100-2BCF Negative Display Compass Watch
Casio SGW-100-2BCF Negative Display Compass Watch

Casio SGW-100-2BCF Watch

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Casio SGW-100-2BCF Digital Compass Thermometer Watch

Casio SGW-100-2BCF is a watch from SGW Casio Collection with dual sensor.

This watch has a housing made of durable plastic, case diameter 45 mm case thickness 13 mm.
Display glass — mineral, recessed relative to the housing.
The watch looks very stylish and have a wide range of functions.
A world time function,
stopwatch with accuracy of 1/100 seconds,
countdown timer
and five independent alarms, one of which is designated as SNOOZE
when the alarm signal is repeated every five minutes for seven times in a row, unless you disable it before.
Also has optional ON/OFF hourly signal.
Stand alone functions that use the built-in dual-sensor temperature and magnetic.
This is a function of the electronic compass, wherein the screen displays the azimuth direction and a circle indicates the direction of the four cardinal points.
To save battery sensor shuts off after 3 seconds of work.
Also In the Compass mode is additionally activated temperature sensor.
It is possible to display the temperature in °C or °F (Fahrenheit).
You need to bear in mind that the sensor can affect heat hands, so if you want to get accurate data about temperature
it is worth removing the watch from your wrist and leave at least 5-10 minutes.
In watch uses electro-luminescent backlight for night-time.
The watch water protection is 20 BAR or 200 meters, which allows swimming, showering, diving,
but it is forbidden to press the buttons under the water.

Now honestly and frankly about the shortcomings.
The first is the display. The black inverse display looks very impressive in the photos, but in real life in low light conditions
Reading the reading can be difficult, you should consider this fact when choosing a clock.
And the second is the strap.
The strap is plastic and I have to say that the strap is the weak point of this model.
According to operating experience, the average service life of band 2-2.5 years.
If you want to increase the service life of the strap, you should look at the models, in which the strap is made of nylon, it
will last approximately two times longer. For example, Casio SGW-100-3V or Casio-SGW-100-3A2.

All photos made on the hand with a wrist diameter 18 cm/7.1 inches

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